What's Happening Now


High Altitude Gardening Classes

 Sponsored by

CSU Grand Community Gardens


Colorado Masters Gardener Volunteers of Grand County

Mountain Parks Electric Community Room

in Granby

Session 1:  May 3, 2014

1:00 to 4:00 PM

Soils, Amendments, and Fertilizers

What Can We Grow?

Seed Selection and Transplants

Session 2: May 4, 2014

1:00 to 4:00 PM

Garden Planning and Design

Maintaining the Vegetable Garden

Learn the basics of successful vegetable gardening in our challenging Grand

 County environments.

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Get Your Own Vegetable Garden Plot

If you have not reserved a plot for yourself , you may do so now. There are 4

community garden sites in Grand County. Each one has raised beds of varying

sizes, regular automatic watering, good soil and fences to keep the critters out. If you

are new to gardening there are plenty of people at each site, including the site 

coordinator, who can give you gardening tips and help you be a successful

gardener. Watch for the announcement of gardening classes in the spring.

You may print a 2014 application at the site of your choice by clicking  below.


Hot Sulphur Springs



Here is a photo sampling of each of the gardens in the summer of 2013.


On the left, Agribon was used to cover some  vege beds.  The plants in these beds matured faster and grew bigger .

On the right, giant cabbage and kale are loving their raised bed

 Hot Sulphur Springs 2013  

Kremmling Gardens 2013 

On the left is a successful rented bed.

On the right is a bed rented by the Family Mountain Center. Lots of yummy food in each of these.



Granby Gardens 2013   

On left--Lots of green in the Granby garden. It is located on a hill in Granby, next to Morales Park, on Garnet Rd.

On the right--a lovely cauliflower, grown in the Granby gardens.


 Fraser Valley Community Gardens 2013  

On the left--one of 4 gardens that the children at the Rec Center successfully grew many crops.

On the right--tomatoes trying to turn red in the hoop house.



Our Story

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Grand Community Gardens is to enrich the individual, social and environmental health of Grand County through gardening education and providing residents the opportunity for learning how to grow their own food to become a more sustainable community.

Grand Community Gardens

Is a group of high altitude vegetable gardeners dedicated to providing Grand County, Colorado residents the opportunity to collaborate and celebrate cultivation of healthy, fresh produce and foster community spirit.

Get Your Own Garden for 2014!

. Follow the links below to sign up for your 2014 garden in the location of your choice. Do it NOW!

I want a garden in Hot Sulphur Springs

I want a garden in Granby

I want a garden in Kremmling

I want a garden in Fraser

Our Locations

Beginning in 2012, we had raised beds available at the Community Gardens in Granby, Hot Sulphur, Kremmling and at the north side of the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation Sports Complex. All locations are fenced, irrigated and open to all interested gardeners of any experience level.

Garden Resources & News

Here's a link to several other resources.

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