There are 3 community gardens in the Grand Community Garden group.  They are located in Granby, on the hill of Morales Park; in Hot Sulphur Springs and Kremmling near the fair grounds. All of the gardens are fenced, contain raised beds with nice soil, and have automatic watering systems. The raised beds vary in size and cost. Each site has a garden coordinator. You provide the labor, seeds, plants and soil amendments . You also harvest and eat the food you grow.


                2022 Applications are available online this year.

             Click the site below to fill out your application. There is only one

             application. You will indicate on this form which site you want.


       Call the site coordinator listed below to inform her that you have          filled out the application and sent in your money for the 2022 season.

                                 Make Checks Payable to and mail to

                                                 CSU Extension
                                                    PO Box 475
                                               Kremmling, CO 80459


Hot Sulphur Springs Gardens

The Hot Sulphur Springs community garden has 20 raised beds.

The garden is fenced and has an automatic above ground sprinkling system . This garden is located at the north end of Maple Street, next to the Town Park.


Contact Site Coordinator  Leslie Crosby



   Granby Community Gardens


  The Granby Gardens are located on Garnet Rd at the top of the        hill in a section of the Morales Park.There are 32 raised beds. The 

  garden is fenced and there is an automatic sprinkler system as      well as two garden hoses to keep the beds watered.


  Contact Site Coodinator : Patty Alander  















    Kremmling Community Gardens

This community garden is located adjacent to the fair grounds.
It is surrounded by a fence and has daily automatic watering.
There are numerous Raised beds.

Contact site coordinator :  Olivia Clark  
                                     Extension Director & Agent