The Grand County Community Gardens are undergoing organizational changes this year. As of July 2021 the Fraser Gardens will be a program of the Fraser Valley Recreational District instead of the Grand County CSU Extension Office. Deb Buhayar has moved to Washington State to be closer to her sons and grandsons. We cannot thank her enough for what she has done for the FRASER GARDENS! She has been our coordinator for the past 10 years. Our gardens are what they are because of her diligence HARD WORK.  Cathleen Brown, Carol Kissinger, Dan Madigan and Melinda McWilliams will be taking her place.  Cathleen can be reached at

Quiet winter days can be spent preparing for the busy growing season ahead.

You can:
● Extend the life of your tools by taking time to sharpen, lubricate and repair as       needed
● Check your lawn mower for rust or other potential problems
● Take inventory of mulches, fertilizers and other gardening materials you use             throughout the growing season
● Inspect your hoses, sprinklers and nozzles for missing or damaged washers, seals and
● Read all those gardening magazines and seed catalogs you have piling up
● Order seeds during the winter to ensure you get the seeds you want for the upcoming     growing season 

Winter is the perfect time to get a jump start on next year’s garden. Use this off-season gardening time to winterize your garden and to prepare for warmer days when you can dig to your heart’s content. You’ll be ready to grow as soon as the sun peeks out and the thermometer begins to rise.

             2022 Garden Bed Applications will be available about MARCH 1

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Grand Community Gardens is to enrich the individual, social and environmental health of Grand County through gardening education and providing residents the opportunity for learning how to grow their own food to become a more sustainable community.


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There are 4 community gardens in Grand County. They are located in Granby, on the hill of Morales Park; in Hot Sulphur Springs, in Fraser near the skating rink and ball fields,and adjacent to the Fairgrounds in Kremmling. All of the gardens are fenced, contain raised beds with nice soil, and have automatic watering systems. The raised beds vary in size and cost. Each site has a garden coordinator. You provide the labor, seeds, plants and soil amendments . You also harvest and eat the food you grow.  

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our community members that have made our gardens possible.





These photos give an idea of the Grand County Community Gardens. A place to grow our own food, make friends, and share our common love of gardening